Introduction of Diesel Concrete Pump: Concrete pump is used to convey ready concrete through a pipeline. ready mixed concrete batching plant hls90 This is widely used in building construction. HBT series small aggregate concrete pumps have successfully widely used in the pumping concrete at small projects. Features of Diesel concrete pump: Use S valve to switch the direction High quality wear resistant alloy components High pressure for high rise and long distance pumping Air cooling system With re-pumping function Automatic lubrication system PLC system to ensure best control It has remote controller and easy to operate. Main Features: 1)Electronic control system 1.Electronic control box use soft satrting mode , avoid the impact of grid when it is starting ,circuit simplified 2.performance reliable,, safe working lamp , reliable for construction and maintance at night 2)Hydraulic system Double pump system 1.Suction filtration technology is adopted to avoid the dasion concrete mixer trucks made in china impurity get into the hydraulic system , 2.improved the system reliability and guaranteen the system safety 3.Indenpendent air cooling system Features of concrete pump: 1.S pipe valve is adopted for direction switching with good sealing and long service life. 2.S pipe valve is installed with floating wear-resisting ring which can compensate abrasion automatically. 3.High exit pressure can satisfy pumping requirements for high-rise buildings. 4.Fine stone concrete can be pumped, and the maximum grain size is 20mm. 5.Hydraulic system adopts wind cooling heat dissipation which is convenient and no need to connect with water source. 6.It has reverse pumping function which can minimize pipe blocking. 7.Centralized lubrication system can extend service life of rotating parts effectively. 8.Electric part adopts PLC control which has the optimum operating feature. 9.Electric cabinet is installed with wired remote control handset which is convenient for operation. 10.Material loading height is low, processing seel rule coils zy-510c steel bending machine it can be easily united with machine set. 11.Guide pulley is installed on the machine which is flexible and convenient for moving and location. 12.Integral dismountable screen mesh which is easy to be replaced.